Easy Digital Downloads

Selling digital downloads is something that not a single one of the large WordPress ecommerce plugins has ever gotten really right. The Easy Digital Downloads plugin aims to fix that.

Together with the ReStored WordPress theme, you can get your digital files on the hard drives of your users in no time.

Easy Digital Downloads

Take Payments with Stripe

Easy Digital Downloads has add-on payment gateways for many different payment systems, including Stripe.com.

Choose the one that is perfect for you, or use PayPal Standard, which comes built-in with the plugin.

$49 See the Add-Ons

MailChimp Rocks

Easy Digital Downloads has an add-on for the popular email newsletter systems, including Mail Chimp. The Mail Chimp add-on allows users to signup for your newsletter at the same time as purchasing. As just a simple checkbox, this is guaranteed to create more newsletter sign ups than a regular subscribe form placed elsewhere on your site.

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Easy Digital Downloads Take Payments with Stripe MailChimp Rocks

Let's Get Downloading.