I got lost for 2 months in bear-infested -20C wasteland and only survived after finding 40-year-old tinned food in snow

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A MAN who got lost in a bear-infested wasteland in one of the world’s coldest regions has miraculously been rescued – for the second time.
Yegor Krivoshapkin, 45, survived in Siberia’s “ice kingdom”, where temperatures plummet to -20C, for over two months, after finding 40-year-old tinned food in the snow.
4Yegor Krivoshapkin, 45, miraculously survived in Siberia’s ice kingdom for over two months
4The dad-of-three managed to avoid bears and wolves during his terrifying ordeal in the wasteland
The dad-of-three extraordinarily managed to avoid being attacked by brown bears and wolves that roam Yakutia – the planet’s coldest permanently populated region.
He was located some 190 miles from where he went missing, two weeks after rescuers stopped the search and concluded there was no hope of finding him alive. 
The reindeer herder has been unable to explain how he disappeared or how he survived after vanishing in August – the region’s late summer period.
Yegor was found in numbing conditions and had survived by eating tinned food dropped during the Soviet era.
Reports say the tinned good were emergency supplies for lost herders. 
His relatives were warned that “no-one can survive in such conditions, you need to be realistic”, but they refused to give up hope.

They contacted a clairvoyant, Maria Kupriyanova, known as Sanaaya, who predicted Yegor would be found alive on a significant family day.
The survivor’s sister, Svetlana, said: “He was found on my grandson’s birthday. I am so grateful to her. Is it mysticism or reality?”
The dad was found in a tent that reindeer breeder Rodion Golikov had left equipped with a stove and provisions, when the man went missing in Verkhoyansk.
Although it was significantly far away from where Yegor was last seen, the spot is often used by herders.
It took five days before a Polar Airlines helicopter could track him down and airlift him to safety.
The team located him from the air and had to determine how to safely land to uplift him, before he was taken to Batagay Hospital.
Yegor told his sister that he had “switched off” while wandering the wilderness and had “lost his sense of reality”.
He said he had “blackouts” and felt “in oblivion” as he trudged through the bleak wasteland, where he had “slept under trees”.
But it is not the first time the herder has gone missing.
He previously disappeared in July 2019 after becoming disorientated by forest fires in the Ust-Yana district.
Rescuers had again given up on him after he was missing for six weeks, believing he had been devoured by bears or wolves.
Yegor was eventually discovered around 75 miles away from where he had last been seen in September.
He admitted to being “in panic” after losing his way because of the smoke. 
Yegor, who has been dubbed Russia’s “great survivor”, is now in hospital receiving treatment for frostbite.
Doctors say the 45-year-old is in a stable condition and he is “able to walk”.
4Yegor was eventually rescued and taken to hospital suffering from frostbiteCredit: The Siberian Times
4Rescuers had given up on finding Yegor and called the search off before he was foundCredit: The Siberian Times
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