A Postcard from the St. Paul’s Church in Ambala (Haryana)

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Originally tweeted by Hemant (@hemantsarin) on October 20, 2021.The foundations of the St. Paul Church were laid in (or around 1852) and the Church was consecrated in 1857. A wooden model of the Church was made before starting construction.DB Era PostcardThis was a garrison Church – meant for British soldiers & their families and had a seating capacity for almost 1500 persons – one of the largest churches in the region. The Church, designed in the decorative Gothic style had a bell which was made in Britain. The Church was originally affiliated to the Church of England but in the 1920s it was shifted to the Lahore Diocese.Photo: 1868On September 21 1965, during the India-Pakistan war, the Church was severely damaged following an air raid by the Pakistani Airforce. It was never renovated due to its proximity to certain military installations. Today, a portion of the parsonage is being used as church.Take a look at a recent picture by Ramesh Lalwani#FunFact : the architectural design of this Church is attributed to Captain George Atkinson (of the Bengal Engineers), under who’s supervision it was built. He also authored ‘Curry & Rice on forty plates : the ingredients of social life at our station in India!’Pictures of the recent condition by Haryana Tourism📝 This story was submitted via Twitter. You can now send us story-submissions through Twitter by composing a twitter-thread and adding in “@theheritagelab publish” as your last tweet. You will be notified once published!

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