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Today we bring you the List of IPL 2021 Cricketers. The Indian Premier League 2021 was initially scheduled in India during April-June, but close to match number 20 the Corona started exploding and becoming a pandemic and all the matches post May 2 (Match 29) were halted till a decision of shifting these to September-October as phase 2, in UAE, was taken. Here we see the cricketers who were part of the squads of different franchises in IPL 2021.

IPL 2021 Cricketers:

These were all the cricketers who were part of the season, though there were many who joined in during phase 2, and a good number of these wouldn’t get a game. Below we take you to the IPL 2021 cricketers by their franchise teams.

IPL 2021 Cricketers by Franchise

IPL 2021 Cricketers by Country

Below are the nations, these amazing IPL 2021 Cricketers would represent in domestic or international cricket when they aren’t playing in different leagues. A few of these hadn’t made a cut to their national teams, while others make through the ranks of their national team lineups.

IPL 2021 Cricketers from Other Leagues

The cricketers who shone in the league format cricket from across the globe, made a cut to the Indian league, most of these came through during the season auctions, a few joined in as replacements during phase 2 leg and at different stages of tournament.

Indian IPL 2021 Cricketers by States

The tournament would give stage for some amazing domestic cricketers and many of these were among the top performers during 2021 edition.

These were the IPL 2021 Cricketers who would set the tournament rolling, though some would prepare the teams during the net practice, others would shine with their performances to take their teams to different stages of the tournament. This is it for today, guys. We enjoy reading your thoughts and questions, don’t forget to comment.

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