Hudsy Unveils New Single “Life Is” & Its Video

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Hudsy makes accessible pop music infused with hope and positivity. After learning of his diagnosis of Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis in 2014, the pop singer/songwriter used that as motivation to work even harder in order to achieve his dreams. Packing up and moving from his small town to London, he performed constantly; whether that meant busking on the streets or playing shows, whatever it took to keep his craft sharp. Having moved to Indiana (US) and then gotten married, he’s released a couple of singles over the years and today, PopWrapped are delighted to premiere his latest, “Life Is,” and its accompanying music video. 

Balancing an approachable acoustic charm with a grand, anthemic chorus, “Life Is” showcases Hudsy’s love of pop rock and country artists like Fleetwood Mac and Keith Urban and centers around how a disagreement between Hudsy and his wife reminded him to keep perspective on what other people might be struggling with behind the scenes.

Asked about the song, Hudsy says: “She has bipolar disorder and I have multiple sclerosis so we both have a large bag of hammers to carry. Sometimes life can get difficult but we try to find creative ways to communicate and build each other up when life gets us down. Sometimes, we look at our spouses or the people we live with and for a second think ‘This person is crazy’ and there’s a good chance they will think the same thing about you but in the end I really feel like no one is crazy, life is.”

He shares of the inspiration behind the official music video: “I wanted the video to be a tip of the hat to the film ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’. I thought it would go really well with the tune to over exaggerate a couples’ argument. They have a strange relationship in the video where they kind of try and kill each other which I hope comes off the way I want it to (not promoting domestic abuse), but a cartoonish play on couples. It’s influenced in tone by the tv show ‘Barry’, ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’ and the Roadrunner cartoons.

Check out the video for “Life Is” above and for more information on Hudsy, give his page a like on Facebook or follow him on Twitter and Instagram. 

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