We opened our baby daughter’s coffin to find a bag of UNDERWEAR instead of her body in shocking blunder

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TWO grieving parents were left horrified after they discovered a bag of underwear inside their baby daughter’s coffin instead of her body.
The shocking blunder took place in the town of Turvo in Santa Catarina, Brazil earlier this week and the funeral home has been accused of gross incompetence.
3The parents were left in shock when they removed the lid from their baby daughter’s coffin
3They found a plastic bag containing underwear and a pair of black trousersCredit: CEN
The coffin was supposed to contain the body of Emanuelle Costa Rosa who died after being born prematurely.
But her mourning parents were shocked to find a bag containing a pair of black trousers and underwear in the baby’s coffin when they removed the lid during the wake, reports claim.
The Instituto Virmond – Hospital Santa Tereza in the city of Guarapuava has blamed the funeral home.
According to Portal RSN the COO of the hospital Michel Cunha said: “The body was prepared and identified.
“The funeral home was meant to take it to the wake. But the undertaker, upon entering the morgue, came across a transparent bag with black clothes and no identification.

“And he convinced himself it was the baby and took it to the town as if it were the baby.
“Meanwhile, the child remained in the morgue, wrapped in raffia and identified with tags.”
He added: “We only found out about the funeral home’s mistake through social media and the news. We did a quick analysis and followed all the hospital protocols, but the funeral home committed a human error.
“The baby weighed 860 grams (1.9 lbs), far from what a pair of trousers and underwear would weigh.”
The clothes reportedly belonged to another deceased person in the morgue.
The girl’s burial had to be postponed by a day, and it took place on Tuesday, October 26.
3The parents discovered the shocking blunder during the wakeCredit: CEN
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