BCCI confirms four retentions for existing franchises, new sides to get three picks

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The BCCI has confirmed that the current eight teams in the IPL can retain a maximum of four players while the two new franchises will be able to acquire three players outside of the auction pool for IPL 2022. The BCCI said in an email to the franchises on Saturday (October 30) afternoon:”The 8 existing team will first get the opportunity to retain a maximum of 4 players and thereafter the 2 new teams will be able to retain a maximum of 3 players before the auction.”In addition, it also confirmed that the salary cap for the IPL 2022 season will be INR 90 crores for all the teams. The email continued: “The window for the 8 existing teams to retain the players will be from November 1, 2021 to November 30, 2021. Thereafter, the 2 new teams will have the window to retain the players starting from 1st December 2021 to 25th December 2021.” There were more terms and conditions that followed. The old IPL franchises cannot retain more than three Indian players (capped/uncapped) and the number of overseas players in the retention list was restricted to just two. Furthermore, the BCCI stated that a team cannot retain more than two uncapped players.For the new sides set to debut in IPL 2022, each team can pick two Indian players outside the auction while only one overseas player can be added to the list.IPL 2022 aalary cap restrictionsAccording to Cricbuzz, the BCCI also shed light on the funds that will be deducted from the salary cap of each IPL franchise based on their retention. Should a team retain four players, they will see a deduction of INR 42 crore from the player purse. The number reduces to 33 if three players are retained.If an IPL team retains just one player, it stands to lose Rs 14 crore while each uncapped player who are held back will cost Rs 4 crore each. The board also mentioned the salary of each player in the case of four retentions — INR 16 crore for player one, INR 12 crore for player two, INR 8 crore and INR 6 crore for players three and four respectively.For three retentions by an IPL team — the fee for player one will be INR 15 crore, player two will be INR 11 crore and player three will be INR 7 crore. Two retentions will see INR 14 crore for player one and Rs 10 crore for player two. If the team keeps only one player, it will have to pay him Rs 14 crore annually.The BCCI also added that if there was a scenario wherein the player salary agreed was higher than the amount mentioned, then the higher of the two stands to be deducted. The email from the BCCI said:

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“The sums set out above are the minimum amount(s) which will be deducted from a franchisee’s salary cap. If the league fee agreed with a retained player set out above exceeds the relevant sum set out above, then an amount equal to that higher league Fee shall be deducted from the relevant franchisee’s salary cap. If the league fee agreed with a retained player is less than the relevant sum set out above, then an amount equal to the relevant sum set out above shall be deducted from the relevant franchisee’s salary cap.”

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