Biden is Cannibalizing America: Kill Inflation and Rising Prices

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Photo Credit to Ben Garrison. Credit to Breitbart News.

Conduct your own due diligence. Apply critical thinking. Think for yourself!

We Know what Inflation Does

When President Donald J. Trump took office, he quickly reversed the absurd economic policies of the Obama Administration. In a matter of months, the economy picked up incredible “locomotion” steam moving forward. Millions of jobs were created. Instead of learning new trades, the coal miners went back to work and took care of their families again.

Yep! Obama went down as president.

Fading industries such as energy and steel enjoyed a tremendous revival. Unions got a lift too! The workforce became fairly competitive as foreign workers without visas were sizably diminished even in the high-tech industries.

Federal Judge Declares Obama-Era DACA Program Illegal

International trade agreements and unfair trading practices were renegotiated giving other industries as farmers access to bigger markets.

The Great Cancel Culture of America

Butthead Biden, his progressive socialist administration, and their sociopathic malignant narcissists (Democrats) are destroying America. Beyond suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), add Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD).

In less than six months, supported by the mainstream and social media, they managed to not only destroy a robust economy but take away our precious freedom. Imagine that! The citizens of Cuba and Hong Kong are fighting for their freedom while half the population of the United States is turning into critical race theory zombies. It is actually happening.

Ep. 1567 The Free World Isn’t Free Anymore – The Dan Bongino Show®

We have the Knowledge to Quickly Fix It

Photo Credit to Ben Garrison

During the first six months of the Biden Administration, their economic policies have ripped the economic fabric of an emerging economic boom predicated by President Donald J. Trump. President Trump quickly reversed the failed economic policies of the Obama Administration while Biden was the vice-president. Sadly, he did not learn a damn thing.

Not surprisingly, the politicians and mainstream media have been busy misleading the world.

In fact, they got the unqualified Secretary of Agriculture to respond to the Biden Cages and horrible living conditions separating men, women, and abused children on the southern border with Mexico. Kamala Harris, the personally appointed “Czar of the Border,” visited a border town and squandered her time taking pictures without presenting any solutions. We have a crisis on the border!

Isn’t it ridiculous how quickly the Democrats built a wall around the White House and ordered the National Guard for protection against a nonviolent and peaceful rally on January 6th? It is a fact that Congress knew about the trouble-makers arriving to raise havoc several days before the event. Pelosi and her minions ignored or went along with it.

McCarthy: GOP will launch its own January 6th Investigation

At the cost of millions of dollars, they could have finished parts of the wall that were almost completed on our southern border. The slave trade flourishes. Dangerous drugs pass through those uncompleted sections. People are drowning in the Rio Grande River and catching COVID.

Communities on both sides of the border are suffering from scores of violent and criminal activity. Mainstream and social media ignore it.

The invasion of undocumented immigrants is drastically hindering any efforts to contain inflation, slow rising prices, and protect the workforce.

The U.S. economy is shattered.

‘Your Answers On Immigration Were Fertilizer’: Ted Cruz Mocks Tom Vilsack’s Testimony To His Face

What It Was Like Living With Inflation—and How It Was Ended, by James P. Pinkerton | Breitbart News.

This Baby Boomer author well remembers the 1970s. During that decade, rising prices were a constant topic of discussion…(listen to story) Read More

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