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Toyota’s bZ4X all-electric BEV production model has officially been unveiled, and it’s the company’s first EV. Power comes from a temperature-controlled, 71.4 kWh capacity 355-Volt lithium-ion battery that is located beneath the floor with a 311 mile range for the 201hp FWD (150 kW motor) variant and 286 miles for the 215hp AWD (80 kW motor on each axle) model. When using a 150 kW DC charger, the battery charges to 80% in just 30 minutes. Read more for two videos, additional pictures and information.
The bZ4X can also be equipped with a roof solar panel that generates electricity equivalent to 1,800 km of driving distance per year, offering a superb cruising range. This means that owners will be able to charge their vehicle in parking lots where there are no charging stations, or the solar power generated can be used in disasters or other emergencies. Available worldwide mid-2022, with pricing yet to be announced.


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The BEV-dedicated platform (first for Toyota) which is the basis of all systems was jointly developed with Subaru Corporation (Subaru). Through this platform, which incorporates the unique requirements of BEVs with a low center of gravity and greater rigidity, we pursued off-road performance required for SUVs, with attractive, smooth, intuitive driving performance, not just for a BEV, but for any car,” said the company.

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