James Bond’s Tan Waxed Canvas Jacket from No Time to Die is American-made

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The jacket itself is made with 100% 10-ounce American waxed canvas. This type of fabric has a longstanding history of toughness, water and wind resistance, and has found fresh new styles for the modern age.
This lightweight jacket is unlined, and that, coupled with the properties of waxed canvas, make it a unique option for the type of outerwear you don’t have to keep putting on and taking off as you’re coming and going.
Rogue Territory jacket / Boots
The Ridgeline is in the style of a trucker jacket, a waist-length collared jacket first appearing in the 1880s, and is actually a permutation of Rogue’s selvedge denim Supply Jacket. The difference between this and most denim jackets is the lack of chest patch pockets and vertical seams on the front, providing a more streamlined style. The final effect is more akin to a leather moto jacket, but at a fraction of the cost.
It gets patch handwarmer pockets, a unique welt left chest pocket with a slit opening, and a right internal chest pocket with exposed stitching on the exterior. The field tan color is perfect for its scenes in No Time To Die, and Craig wears it enviously.
Looking for a budget alternative? Unfortunately there isn’t much out there right now. We had originally found this no-name option that matches the color and cut on Amazon, but it’s been out of stock since we bought it. Several years ago we featured a Live Action Getup with a very similar style that Andrew copped for only $35 on sale from American Eagle, but that’s not available anymore. How is this helpful? Well – it’s not, really, but the point is, if you’re dead-set on finding a tan waxed canvas trucker jacket under $100 you may stumble across one eventually. If you’d be satisfied with a tan denim trucker jacket, those can be had under $50.
Looking for a warmer option? The flannel-lined waxed canvas jacket from Flint & Tinder, also American-made, is $55 less than the Rogue Territory and comes in tan. We’ve featured it a ton over the years, including in The 10 Best Field Jackets.

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