The Statue of Liberty today is Patriot Sidney Powell

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The Battle to Save America

President Trump won this election in a landslide. Unfortunately, the system was rigged for Biden. As stated by Sidney Powell, “This is essentially a new American Revolution.”

Anyone who has information about the manipulation of the election and its processes must step up and be remembered as a patriot above the party. Federal felonies were committed across the entire nation. Our mission as patriots is to hold them accountable.

The Battle for the White House

There was almost a five-year effort to overthrow a duly elected president. There were no allegations of racism until President Donald J. Trump decided to run for the highest office in the land. Most people had a positive opinion until mainstream media, Democrats, Anti-Trumpers, and the establishment (bureaucracy) had their livelihoods threatened with their customary way of doing shameful things. Several of them got very rich at the taxpayer’s expense.

Rumble — Lou Dobbs (Fox Business) talks to Sidney Powell, a member of Trump’s legal team, about what is going on with the battle for the 2020 Presidency. She says she can hardly wait to put out the evidence they have collected on “Dominion Voting Systems” and the reason it was created, which was to put out altered voter results. She says she has staggering statistical evidence over fraud. She states at the end of her information update with Lou, that she is going to “release the Kraken.”

UPDATE 20NOV2020. Reports about a Server Seized in Germany by U.S. Military

It is difficult to determine if reports about a server being seized in Germany are true because mainstream news fails to collaborate with important information. Please be cautious.

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