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Presented by International Defense K9 – Hi you may know us from you and your dog behavioral health and dog training where we got our start or possibly America’s Top dog season 1 or 2 a great TV show that’s like Ninja warrior with Dogs. We built our reputation on helping people resolve the worst of the worst cases of K9 behavior like fear, aggression anxiety, or OCD type behavior all while competing at a world championship level with our own dogs as we helped our clients we decided there was a need and a niche we could fill helping people acquire once in a lifetime dogs like ours with exemplary beauty, health, and training so we created International K9s where we have the ultimate pet dog program is and the international defense K9s side providing people with dogs with almost supernatural capabilities.  

International Defense K9

This last year has been a whirlwind as the population of the planet has seemingly become more and more unstable people want to feel secure in times of great turmoil and keep up with the demand for highly trained protection dogs we know that you’re going to get the best night sleep possible knowing one of our K9s is sleeping at the foot of your bed our motto is matching the right people with the right dog for the right reason! Not everyone who comes to us gets one of our dogs and we do turn people down if they don’t meet the criteria it’s true our dogs are expensive! Yes, we could make them cheaper. But if we did that they would be cheap and unreliable. They wouldn’t live as long as they do. They wouldn’t come from the best selection on the planet. They wouldn’t meet all of your companion or protection expectations perfectly!

International Defense K9

They wouldn’t be International defense K9s approved. So it’s safe to say international K9s will never be cheap and that’s a good thing because with us you always get what you pay for! Our Dogs are selected from the top 1% of the population of dogs in the world fully health tested hips elbows hearts and DNA tested for over 260 different genetic markers coupled with an unmatched world championship level training team with over 65 combined years of experience between Otto and Kristi. But don’t just take my word for it. I want to share a text message from a client with a service dog.

International Defense K9

I wanted to share a story with you guys from a client Einstein’s mom She had a panic attack in downtown Chi and ran off And Einstein save the day “This panic attack was so bad she ran in downtown Chicago and joe couldn’t find her. The police had to be called it was beyond scary. We’ve only gone through one like this one other time. She said she lost all touch with reality, lost her bearings and the world was spinning. Einstein she said kept nudging her dragged her up when she had collapsed and showed her the way back to the hotel a mile away. It was the scariest 4 hours of our lives. He even took her phone from her and somehow, I have no idea how, hit the button while the phone was on the ground and then took it to her while I was screaming. That’s when things started to turn around Are service dogs usually this insightful? I don’t know how you would train him to do this stuff. Honestly, if he wasn’t with her I think my story would be very different today.” (Peggy client)

We teach the dogs  at this level to get the phone , we call it go 911.

Now let’s look at some of the wonderful K9s we have available don’t see your dream dog or soul mate drop us a line anyway and we can make it happen. We have dogs in various stages of our program and Resources to make your dream dog a reality. For more information please call 888-999-76K9 or email us at

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