Republican voters reward insurrectionists; Florida aims to punish unruly fact-knowers

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Marie March boasted of attending Trump’s attempt to topple government and posted about a ‘coming civil war’ on Facebook. Now she’s headed to the Virginia statehouse because Republicanism.

In the news today: Proving again that even participating in an orchestrated attempt to topple constitutional government isn’t enough to sour Republican voters on you, eight Republicans who attended Trump’s January 6 rally to nullify his election loss won elections last Tuesday. You sure can pick ’em, Republicans.

Elsewhere, yet another political scandal grows in Florida as the powers-that-be insist that university professors are not allowed to give expert testimony that conflicts with the views of Florida’s Republican-run government—at least, not if they want to get paid. And the U.S. military is nearing full vaccination for all service members, just a few months after a Biden order directed them to do so—and without the sort of widespread refusals that anti-vaccine theorists vowed would result from the mandate.

Here’s some of what you may have missed:

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